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Hear Me Out Geraldton – Episode 48 – Dave Clare (The Prophet For Purpose)

In episode 48, I have Dave Clare, The Prophet For Purpose on the podcast. We spoke about his passion for helping people acquire the tools needed to become purpose driven leaders. We also spoke about his new book, ‘Simplified’ (a HOW TO on becoming a purpose driven leader for a new generation) and much more! Dave has been a very supportive and caring friend to HMOG and I could not be more grateful for his kindness. The work he does is so important and relevant more than ever for today’s society! He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the topic of constructing leadership principles, with purpose as the driving force.

Pre-order Dave’s book ‘Simplified’ at Also, visit Dave’s website to find out even more about Dave at

In the podcast below, Dave Clare challenges you to create and lead a purpose driven business.


Bio: Dave Clare isn’t just a leader, he is also an author, award winning international coach, facilitator and an enthusiastic and inspirational speaker. He has developed a new framework for leadership that helps others move from a business model to a model business. Dave’s take on leadership for a new generation has proven to create invincible cultures that unleash creativity and innovation, the catalyst for disruption. Dedicating more than a decade of his life to inspiring and creating purpose-driven leaders, Dave consistently shares his fundamental principles on leadership. Leadership is simple. You lead people. So all you need to do is understand people.

Please join Dave and the movement to create and inspire 90 million purpose-driven leaders. Together we can improve people’s lives. Together we can build businesses and organisations that help people. Together we can enable people to do their life’s best work.

Leadership is simple. You lead people. It’s time to lead different.



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