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CGG Podcast with Mayor Shane Van Styn – Ep 004

The Mayor is back with episode 4 of the City of Greater Geraldton podcast!

Catch up every month with Mayor Shane Van Styn as he summarises the latest council meeting and discusses all the goings on.

Hit download and have a listen at a time and a place that is convenient for you, whilst keeping yourself appraised of the city we love!

The City of Greater Geraldton Mayor, Shane Van Styn, gives us the scoop on all the latest in Council news!

Hear Me Out Geraldton host a range of local podcasts with a variety of guests engaging discussion on the ordinary, popular & the strange.

One Comment

  • Maggie Grant says:


    Are there any plans for footpaths in Cape Burney? It would be a great comfort to know that our kids are safe.

    Many kids have to walk to the bus stop for school in the mornings and afternoons and in many places they only have the road to go on as there is no footpaths.

    The same goes for when they go on their bikes and scooters. The road is not the safest place for them to be on.

    Thank you

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