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CGG Podcast with Mayor Shane Van Styn – Ep 002

Mayor Shane Van Styn is back with episode 2 of the City of Greater Geraldton podcast!

Catch up every month with Mayor Shane Van Styn as he summarises the latest council meeting and discusses all the goings on.

Hit download and have a listen at a time and a place that is convenient for you, whilst keeping yourself appraised of the city we love!

The City of Greater Geraldton Mayor, Shane Van Styn, gives us the scoop on all the latest in Council news!

Located 424 kilometres north of Perth with a thriving population of over 41,000 – Greater Geraldton has been named one of Australia’s regional capitals. Greater Geraldton also incorporates the town of Mullewa which lies 98kms north east of the city and the Greenough settlement located 24kms south of Geraldton on the Brand Highway.

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